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About us

Millimeter stands at the forefront of architectural design and contracting, dedicated to delivering excellence in the commercial and luxury residential sectors across the MENA region. With a rich history marked by milestones and a robust 30-year foundation in construction, Millimeter is driven by a passion for outstanding design and unwavering commitment to quality. Our mission is clear – to develop interior and exterior design and construction experiences that are not only unique and compelling but also of premium quality and simplicity. We take pride in not cutting corners, channeling only hard work to achieve the highest level of precision. Our diverse range of services, spanning consulting, design, construction, and finishing, reflects our comprehensive approach to project delivery.
At Millimeter, we merge creativity with decades of industry expertise to produce beautiful objects. Our attention to detail is unparalleled, driven by the relentless perfectionism of our team. Clients' most demanding standards are not just met but exceeded, reflecting our dedication to providing a significant customer experience. Beyond our core services, Millimeter boasts its own line of interior design, adding a distinctive touch to our portfolio. As a company, we are defined by our commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and a collective spirit that fuels our relentless pursuit of perfection. Welcome to Millimeter, where passion, experience, and innovation converge to shape exceptional spaces.


Millimeter's mission is to elevate the realms of interior and exterior design and construction, crafting experiences that seamlessly merge uniqueness, compelling aesthetics, and premium quality. We stand committed to the highest levels of precision, expert project management, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Our focus extends beyond aesthetics to encompass meeting and surpassing the most demanding standards, ensuring every project delivers a significant and memorable customer experience. With a foundation built on 30 years of construction expertise, Millimeter aspires to redefine excellence in the industry, one project at a time


At Millimeter, our vision is to lead with unwavering commitment, precision, and expert project management. We strive to redefine excellence in interior and exterior design, delivering unique, compelling, and premium-quality experiences. Our goal is to surpass the highest standards, ensuring each project reflects our passion for design and three decades of construction expertise

Our Goal

Millimeter's Goal is to Design and build the administrative, commercial and high-end residential projects in Egypt.

Providing the best types of work according to the requirements of our customers and the required specifications.

providing the best international architectural designs to our clients inside Egypt.


Is an Egyptian Company that works to contain the project from its idea to the final finishes by providing all design and build services from project design study, architectural and engineering design, implementation and supervision in addition to its final touches to ensure the success of the project with high efficiency.


Is a Online Finishing System for transforming the unfinished home into a beautiful, lively space.

With an experienced network of contractors across Egypt.


We promise to remodel your space, As our slogan states


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